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Hello everyone, hope you’re doing great.
Im new to your forum, so If Im doing something wrong please tell me and will surely change it!

I’ve gotten to page 206 of your “Build your own website the right way…” And so far Its been awesome I was not used to doing websites(I’m more of a mobile programmer) and said, heck, lets learn websites!

So far Its awesome, I’ve got my design perfectly but I’ve had this in my head since I opened the book.

I want to create a image displayer on the main page.

Something like this: block that shows an offer with arrows on the sides)

You can see that there’s a part just below the search bar that displays images, there’s img1 being displayed, 5 seconds, switch to img2.
(You can also see there’s # of circles below the image displayer to click and rewind/forward to next images.)

What Im asking is…How do I tackle this?

Am I looking at any CSS/HTML coding or am I looking more into javaScript?
If so, does anyone know where I could start?(A tutorial, video or something to achieve this?)
I hope I’m explaining myself.

Thank you guys for your time!(The book’s going awesome for me!)
Have a great day!

Hi Gumbor,

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

The thing you are talking about is called an image slider and is normally achieved using JavaScript and/or the jQuery library.
Here’s a recent list of jQuery image slider plugins, which might be a good place to get started.

If you need any help with the implementation, just let us know.