Some guidance needed → What approach should I follow

I am interested in building the image slider like this one.

On clicking the image an Image popup appears that has an image slider.

How should we approach creating such slider?

Should we use some JQuery or Javascript library such as Flickity or owl carousel etc.

Or there doesn’t seems to be too much work and we should think of making this with the Vanila JS

It depends. Image sliders are ten a penny. If you just need a slider and then need to carry on with the rest of your project, don’t reinvent the wheel. Just find one that does what you need (like this one), then move on.

On the other hand if you are trying to learn how such a thing works, then go ahead and build your own. This would be quite a nice exercise actually.


I did something similar, though I didn’t have an example to work from. My goal was to just tackle the slider problem from the ground up. I divided my process into a series of pens. If you’d like to just take a look at them they are here.

Mine behaves more like a carousel.


Actually, acquiring certain skill set takes time. so I believe that this time the best will be to move with something that is already created. Keeping HTML alike I think the job of the javascript is to add dynamism; Would it be possible in the late future, if needed, I can easily change the javascript library or the custom code.

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