Webservice - passing xml string parameter

I need to call a webservice method using nusoap, the method needs two xml string parameters. one is ‘settings’ and another one ‘record’ I have done the following manner


$settings = ‘<settings>

$record = ‘<record>

$client = new nusoapclient(‘’);

// Call the SOAP method

$result = $client-&gt;call(
'AddRecordRCS', array('NewRecordXML' =&gt; $record, 'SettingsXML' =&gt; $settings),    // input parameters
'http://tempuri.org/TouchstarIAPI/ImportService',            // namespace
'http://tempuri.org/TouchstarIAPI/ImportService/AddRecordRCS'       // SOAPAction


i didn’t get any error and the server response status is HTTP/1.1 200 OK
but i got response is FALSE.
my question: is this right way to pass xml parameter as a string type?
please reply