Webpage does not display properly in Opera and would like to change logo

I am a complete newbie who is putting together a website from a commercial template. The site looks fine in IE, Firefox and Chrome but looks a complete mess in Opera. The original template was fine in Opera but I must have done something weird along the way. Can someone please help? I’m not sure if it’s an HTML or CSS issue.

Also, our logo is somewhat bigger than the test.gif. If I try and put it on the page the tabs start jumping around. Is there some way I can fix this?

The page is http://www.sciencealive.co.nz/test/testhome

None of the links work yet as I have only uploaded the one page.

Thanks in advance.

Please excuse cross-postings

Try validating your code. You’ve got some open-ended links and such that can throw the browser off. My own (very personal) rule of thumb is the site must work in Opera or it doesn’t work at all. :smiley:

I’ve now validated the page (thanks for that tip) but it’s still not working in Opera. Any other ideas?

I’ve never even opened Opera. Honestly, I work for a major media company, managing multiple sites and on average less than 1% of visitors use Opera. I mean… the site should work but everything else is negligible considering the stats. Let me ask you this though – does the site work on IE6? As much as everyone may hate it its likely more people visit the site using IE6 than Opera.

hmm… I was slightly exaggerating when I said, I’ve never opened Opera I’ve opened it. Your site is really messed up in Opera. That probably does need to be fixed.

we’ve been able to solve the problem by deleting out a chunk of the css file. How do I go about testing it in IE6?