CSS Problems In Opera & IE

Hi wise ones,

I’m designing a site here and the “user reviews” section seems a bit out of place in both Opera and IE.

Would appreciate if anyone shed some light for me, thanks.

Whoa, that looks a mess!!

Your problem probably stems from a load of http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http://www.nasreview.org/d-link-2-bay-network-attached-storage-enclosure-dns-323/1]validation errors. it looks like you’ve got one typo repeated a few times that is completely stuffing it up: <span class=“rating r50”</span>. You’re missing the closing > after r50", which means that it considers the > after /span to be the end of the <span…> tag, so everything that comes after that is the content of the <span>…</span> element, which includes block-level elements and all sorts.

Put the missing >s in, run the validator again to make sure you’ve not left any other mistakes in there, and see how it goes!

Thanks, Stevie. Lesson learnt: Always check my html and css markups AND run a w3 validator check if anything “looks” wrong.