Webbuilder - use or not use, that is the question

I would like to know your opinion about WYSIWYG Website Builders. I read an interesting article last night about this system. If anyone can point me in right direction that would be great.

IMHO it’s not a tool for a professional web designer. Seldom do wysiwyg website builders produce good HTML and CSS. As a tool for an amateur to create a website, it has a place.


For a small hobby site it can be the quickest way to get the pages created…

For anything else you need to take into account that the web builders basically create junk HTML that needs a massive rewrite to work correctly across all browsers (and not just the most popular three or four)

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What You See Is What You Get

But for everybody else, what they see and get could be different, depending on what device and browser they are using.

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The article is explicitly targeting “online entrepreneurs”, though. :smiley: The overall choice of words is quite bold 4 sure.

Now I just had a quick glimpse at wix, one of the introduced builders… seems to be some kind of theme template system with drag & drop elements; I suppose it’s not really meant to be tweaked by hand afterwards (let alone directly – there’s no option to go into the code AFAICC, no code preview etc.).

Ah well, looks like a fun tool for an amateur attempting to create a simple online presence anyway. Last time I checked out these kind of builders the possibilities were way more limited. If you’re fine with the result and don’t want to put hand on the generated code, you might give it a go I suppose. If you want to create a serious website however, this is not exactly the kind of stuff you’d want to rely on IMO.

Edit after x-post:

As I understand it, this template system is supposed to warrant responsiveness to a certain degree… the wix help center claims so anyway.

I’ve not looked at any of these recently, so I dare say they may be much better than the wysiwyg builders of old. So as you say, for an amateur wanting to knock out a basic site with little time or learning curve, it is an option.

Thank you

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Thank for you opinion

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