Web page is broke in IE 7

Hey, i have recently put my companies new website live and it looks brilliant and works perfect on all browser and then i come to internet explorer, we have managed to iron out the majority of the creases in IE 8 but when any page loads in IE 7 the contents on the page starts right at the bottom of the pgae and then after some time or you change something in the inspect element it shoots back up to the top (where it should be) I have absoultey no idea why this is happening if someone could shed some light on the situation for me.


Obligatory question here - are you being forced to cater for IE7 or are you just not aware that the market is so slim for IE7 that it truly is not worth you doing this.


As Ryan said IE7 usage is very low these days (probably around 1 - 2 % or less) and not supported by most people these days.

The issues are probably ‘haslayout’ issues and you could spend more time fixing Ie7 than you did on the whole site altogether :smile:

If you want to debug then the first thing to do is to make sure all your main containers (containers that hold more than simple text) are in haslayout mode which can be done by setting zoom:1.0 on them. Two prime candidates are here and indeed this seems to bring the layout back to the top.

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You’re probably not getting as many IE 7 hits as you think. Add this to the top of your page in the <head></head> section:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1" >

This will force IE to not render compatibility mode. IE in compatibility mode will render as IE7, even if you’re using IE 11. Compatibility mode is also default for intranet addresses.

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Slight fix here; he means <head> and also the meta tag he listed must be the first one in <head> . That’s an important detail.


Thanks. Typo. It’s been a long day. :smile:

I also fixed it in mine.

Yes good point. I always include that rule in all the sites I do as compatibility mode was one of the worst things that IE implemented and broke more sites than it fixed.

yea about 12% of our customers use IE 7 which is very annoying, well it’s annoying people use internet explorer at all to be honest!

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This fixed my problem, Thank you :slight_smile:

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