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Hi all,
I am looking to expand my service offerings, and one skill I am not yet proficient with is design.

Although I do use web designers that I know on ad-hoc basis depending on customer requests, the majority of my customer base falls into the SME market with typically low budgets and cannot afford to pay high prices (£500+) for design as well as all the other costs for building their websites.

So looking for a solution to this, I have just come across a subscription based design resource and was wondering if any of you here have either used this site or something similar that you can recommend?

Appreciate your time,

  • Vince

No opinions from experienced designers here or otherwise?


  • Vince

Why not just offer a CMS that has free skins? Maybe I’m not understanding the question, can you rephrase it?

I was a member for a year (I think it was $59 for a year, unlimited downloads). But I do seem to remember there is a limit on how many customer sites you can use their designs on. I think it was 30.

Templates are of pretty good quality, I did have trouble with a couple of them.

I usually point people on low budgets to wordpress.com. You get a free site and free hosting, and they look pretty good. For a fee, they can use their own domain name. Pretty good value, really.