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Does anyone read or subscribe to print Web Design magazines such as .net (Practical Web Design outside of UK) or [URL=“http://www.webdesignermag.co.uk/”]Web Designer Magazine? What do you think of them? I subscribe to .net mag and guess what I found in my package today?! A mini SitePoint CSS Anthology extract book! I was grinning when I seen it! :smiley: Hehehe

And how about online Web magazines such as A List Apart, [URL=“http://www.smashingmagazine.com”]Smashing Magazine, [URL=“http://www.jsmag.com/”]JS Mag, or any others like that? Do you read them or subscribe to them (RSS, etc)?

Do you prefer paying for print magazines with advertisements, or do you prefer having a free magazine with advertisements? What if you had the choice of a magazine that you paid a subscription fee to but didn’t have any advertisements?! :eek: Just curious! I personally don’t mind advertisements in print magazines but in the Web magazines they’re a bit iffy with where they’re placed!

Andrew Cooper

I read Computer Arts occasionally but I’m not subscribed. I’m thinking about subscribing but I never seem to find time to read magazines after I’ve bought them. NetNewsWire is filled with 300+ unread blog posts so perhaps that’s enough and besides, when I do read paper format it tends to be a book.


I use to be a subscribing to .net, however, I found that it contained too many adverts and I did not like the way it worded things. It happen to show people off and try and evoke jealousy in me. Eventually I quickly realized that it was not worth my money and I could quite possibly find the material online for free.

One thing I do miss about .net was the software reviews and free software available. This was by far the most valuable thing. To be fair I can get most of the software on download.com so it’s not that big of a deal.

I used to buy .NET regularly but got fed up with the biased towards Adobe products, it seemed just about every tutorial was based on Photoshop, Dreamweaver or Flash.

Same for me and there was another webdesign magazine I liked the look of with the same problem.

Well, those are the tools that most of the professional use, so I’m not surprised if they dedicate quite a bit of time to them. It happens with most of the magazines

There are people who want a magazine that are not professionals.

I take in more with a paper book or magazine; I am not keen on taking the PC in the bath either :shifty:

I have had subsriptions to magazines and it seems like a third of the magazine are adverts; a third of the articals are of no interest and the last third might be of some interest. Paying out £5+ for a read of a couple of hours is a waste; I only tend to buy them if I am going on a journey.

I know I should and I should read more, but the only thing I’m subscribed is to SP’s newsletters and hubspot (Marketing and Social Media stuff)

Regarding the ads, I don’t mind them unless there are an excess of them. I do pay a subscription for Before&After (it is about design, printed mainly)

issue 205, the one with the large GO on the front cover

Thanks. I missed that issue probably because I was in Sicily when it hit the market. I usually buy in Easons or ASDA in Enniskillin, and they sell out fast.

I enjoy reading the once a year Scroll magazine http://scrollmagazine.com/

If I read a printed magazine on the train, and I want to know more about it, I can’t just open a new tab in the browser straight away, and search the things I want to know.

I can only do that when I’m online.

I’ve bought a few paper magazines before, but it’s not all that. Online is more useful, you immediately have the code in front of you, you can test right away, you can search for more about it in another tab,…

I subscribe to web magazine. Which is really informative and useful for me. I didn’t get enough time on reading magazines, so i subscribed to web magazines. Now i am able to go through all the information that comes from the magazine even if I’m in journey. :slight_smile:

Thank you bellarush online version is an one and only option I have and which I am using till date. I haven’t tried the .net let me check out that too.

I’m a .net magazine subscriber, don’t think there’s anything better for web really…

Maybe of the developers only a few use Flash and DW, but medium design companies have teams and designers in charge of the front end area, and those numbers increase quite a bit.

I think that those figures should be higher. I don’t think a magazine will dedicate time to something that’s not going to sell.

I don’t know the statistics but by experience I would say those related to DW and Flash should be much higher. True few developers (although more designers) design with Flash but… many customers request Flash effects and for designers tend to learn Flash instead of trying to learn, let’s say, jQuery.

But I don’t have data to back up this information. This is only an impression I got for the people I worked with over the years.

Nice magazine!
Pretty pricey subscription for a once-a-month for my taste, though… :-\

I subscribe to Web Designer Magazine. Great Magazine.
It’s nice to shut down my computer once in awhile.

I listen to a lot of web design podcasts, there are some pretty awesome ones out there (though Boagworld went off-air!) - shame :frowning:

I write for Six Revisions (h/t to Alex for turning me on to them!), and read Smashing, ALA, and CSS-Tricks, though that last one is more of a blog and podcast host than a magazine per se. Poes, I agree, the spammers did Roger very, very wrong.

Of all the developers I’ve worked with not all use all the big 3 Adobe software titles.

Did some quick stats, % of developers using, based on a few dozen people:

Photoshop - 70%
Obviously Photoshop had the deepest penetration, but 30% who don’t use it is a significant number.

Dreamweaver - 30%
No surprise as there are a ton of good (better?) alternatives, everyone who uses a Mac seems to go for Coda/Textmate, and considering there’s a high proportion of Mac based developers…

Flash - 5%
No surprise, not that much competition, only a handful of people used it to any extent :slight_smile:

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Yes, but only for the pictures…