Web counters work?

Hi guys/girls, whoever is here. Is it the usual that free web visits counters work or is it that they skip often? I tried one now and it shows significantly less visits than my web provider does, which has a daily/monthly/yearly visits/pages/files/hits counter but the only thing I’m interested in showing on my site is total visits, I mean one visit = one IP in 24 hours.

Page hits are not the same as page views.

For instance if a web page has five pictures on it, when a visitor opens this in a web browser this creates six requests to the web server. One for the HTML file and five for the images and each of these is called a hit.

Those are quite uninteresting to show publicly I think! Especially the hits, the more hits, the ******** on your page pretty much. I have over a million hits, there was a guy bragging (on his site even I think) about his 100 million hits, but that’s because his page is cluttered, too many pics on it.