Web Based Point of Sale & Credit Card Readers

We are currently developing a web based point of sale system which would be used in a physical retail location. The register would simply run our web site loading the PoS interface. The challenge we’re running into is how to integrate the web site with a credit card reader / chip card reader to allow for card present transactions. Do card readers come with some sort of API or SDK that would allow your web site code to interact with it? I have not been able to find any good information through Google searches, other than generic non-helpful information. Anyone have any help they can offer?

I would imagine that the card reader would need to integrate at the client end, so it’s more likely that it would be controlled / read via a client-side language than via PHP. Of course, you might then be submitting the information to a PHP script, but by the time it reaches the server the source of the information won’t be known.

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