Want to start a simple Exchange platform for a niche market

Dear All,

I would like to know how one could create a simple exchange/ecommerce platform - a very light ebay like site. I would like to do this with the support of a developer. I have time and a little bit of money to invest in this. I am looking at using this platform for a specific niche market that I know well (maximum number of items may be 10000 uploaded by users). I would like this solution to be flexible so I can add feature if it is ever succesful.

I have look at using Wordpress with ecommerce plugin - but I have been told that it is not flexible enough for what I want to do. I have been discussing the possibility in developing this with Ruby…planning to do a good part of the work myself… I am an engineer with some basic programming skills.

Can anyone point me to good info on this… book, website, video, people…



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