Want to know about trust level and badges in sitepoint?

Please anybody guide me what are the benefits of trust level and badges?
How many levels are there?

Well, this is a Discourse forum, so about Trust Levels, this FAQ should answer your questions

As for Badges, (the ones that are not associated with a Trust Level) there are no “extra abilities” that come with getting them. They are more like a recognition of “milestones” that have been reached.
Note that some of them can be used as a “Title” (see your Profile Preference settings.

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There are five Trust Levels (TL0 - TL4), but the highest is attainable by invitation only and is confined to forum staff.

In addition to the link @Mittineague provided, you might find this helpful:

(It’s also linked from the FAQs if you ever want to refer to it again.)

You can see the list of all current badges on the badge page: http://www.sitepoint.com/community/badges. (There are links to the badge page and the FAQs in the “hamburger” menu.) Clicking on a badge title on that page will show you the members who have already earned that badge.


Thanks for guiding. Am new here and also did not about these things, that’s why I already did a mistake to add a link of blog. But now I have 50% aware about rules of this forum. I always try give my best here. :slight_smile:

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