Feedback about Trust Levels

I’ve been a member since 2001, probably one of the very early members. It’s like a very old domain age, lol. I had a signature like many others which featured my site. I wasn’t coming here to promote myself again. :wink: I was just curious to see the showcase.

So I look at the trust levels… seems like all my past accomplishments count for naught. Getting to “trust level 3” requires a significant additional time investment which got me thinking - I don’t think these levels account for the decade and a half of activity of members. Could be frustrating for those even more dedicated than myself. Just an observation I thought I might share with you about the entirely new software powering Sitepoint’s community forum.


Hey @slinky
Thanks for the feedback.
Trust levels really relate to how well you know your way around Discourse at this point, not how much we value you as a community member. Because TL3 allows people to carry out moderation tasks (moving posts etc) we have made it difficult to reach while we feel our way through this launch period. TLs are highly customisable and we’re keeping our ears open to feedback with a view to adapting them as we go forward.

Thanks for taking the time to write. :slight_smile:

Let me insist on this… the fact that you’re providing feedbackmake us want you as a member even more than before :smiley:

I must say I was a bit disappointed that you have to be a TL3 to post a thread in the Showcase area, I have recently finished my mobile game and it’s ready for beta testing.

Looks like I’ll have to take another root.

We’re still trying the waters. We don’t know if it is too harsh or if too easy. We want true Jobs, no companies trying to drop a link so that needs a bit of commitment from the member, so we know he’s serious
Anyway, you’re a long, trusted member and we know you so you simply didn’t get the chance to get to TL3.

Create it and I’ll move it manually



That is very kind of you molona, i’m just in the middle of converting it for the iPhone/tablet. I think at that point I’ll create a thread. At least forum users will have the chance for both formats.

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Do let me know when you do so I can move it accordingly