Want to buy a premium theme...magazine style

I have a couple of automotive blogs and they are on boring free themes. I am looking to spend some money on a good magazine style theme for wordpress.

Any suggestions?

WooThemes has a couple nice ones and they’re running a sale until tomorrow. I have a couple of their themes and they’re well designed and well coded.

I have one cheaper wordpress premium theme that you can find it on search engine, just use this keyword with quote “marketingvision - premium wordpress theme” and you will see this is a good magazine theme, the price is $10.

I personally like the StudioPress themes alot and they have two different magazine themes available over there.

i can give u arthemia premium theme, check out my blog, i bought it for 75

You can’t give copies of a commercial theme, that’s copyright infringement

Another vote for Woothemes. I’ve worked with it a couple of times, and the themes themselves look good.

I have checked the WooThemes and indeed they have wonderful premium themes. I think you should buy from them. Their themes are worth it.