Best wordpress news theme

Hello ALL,

Can you give me a favor, and tell me what is the best FREE and PAID themes for wordpress ?
I appreciate in advance your help.


That’s a too generic question. What’s best for may not be the best for rest of the world.

In terms of paid themes, or have been there for a long time with all kind of themes. In the case of, they started as a WP theme site and that’s their strong point.

As for free themes, is always the starting poit.

Hello Molona,

Thank you very much for your help, I have to check them and get back to you for any further question. I appreciate your help!!

Best regards

You can search on Google the theme named VN-News 1.1.2, then download it, you can be sure that you choose the true theme!

Thanks classifiedmotion for your help, but I didn’t like the look of this theme, otherwise I like goodnews by themeforst, it’s not free but clean. Anyway, I think I’m gonna to keep the theme installed, it’s not not bed, but I can’t modify it easily, it is called ( News Leak ), can someone help me to know how can I find the way to modify it ? it doesn’t accept any front page plugin.