Waiting Stress

How do you guys handle waiting stress? As of now… I’m clinging over my cell phone for very important call for past 36 hrs… man… waiting stress is tough! How do you guys handle it? Wish…she’d pick up my damn phone calls… when will it end…

I normally try not to think about it and get myself busy with something else. Fortunately for me, I have plenty of things to do and I can’t afford to be still, waiting.

Well, maybe I’m not so fortunate… I wouldn’t mind a bit a free time from time to time :lol:

Definitely, I tried that. Still, it’s hard to focus on a task while I’m constantly thinking about this call… very annoying…

Do you know you’ll definitely get a call back? Waiting around hoping for a call is a bad idea!

Then I will use my Tarot cards. They always have the answer :agree:

Whether I believe if the answer is the right one or not, it is a completely different story :slight_smile: At least, I have one answer! :smiley:

I play video games.

Yeah, that would be bad. I know 100% that she’ll call me back… It’s just that each day she doesn’t call back… it’s another day I’ll stay at home until I start my new job…

Sounds like a good idea! I wanted to try Portal 2.

Me too! Have to get it these days, I liked the first one.

Well that’s not tooo bad then! At least you know the call will be coming, you just gotta wait it out. You’ve left messages and followed up, nothing more you can do and perhaps there is a very valid reason why you’ve not been contacted yet. I don’t think I would ring anymore, perhaps they need space to sort things out and the last thing you want to happen is to be perceived as being a nagging nuisance! :goof: So I guess, rather than winding yourself up and stressing out, you just need to step back and view the situation differently. Once you do, you’ll be fine - in the meantime, as others have suggested try some gaming…tv…talking with friends oh and well there is always all us motley crew here on SP that’ll keep you entertained :stuck_out_tongue:

You haven’t said what type of call it is apart from it being ‘important’, and who’s she the cats Mother? That hasn’t picked up your calls. I never stress about mobile phone calls because I don’t carry a mobile phone so problem solved in that respect. :wink:

If yo’re sure that she will call, then enjoy your holidays while you can :slight_smile:

All good points! I won’t call her any more… I tried calling her 8 a.m., 10 a.m., and 3 p.m… Yesterday and Today! No luck… Still, I did get a stress relieving news that I can still work on scheduled date!!! :slight_smile: Ironically, I still won’t be able to work directly until I’ve finished my business w/ her… Ah well~ at least now I’m getting paid to wait :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Honestly, I’m just glad that I gave her my cell phone number instead of home phone… Yeah… who knows… I don’t think I’ll look at my phone the same way after this experience…

Now I will since I’ll get paid waiting~~ much relief!

Well that’s great news, a lot of weight off your mind no doubt :slight_smile:

Well…our cheques will be in the post ok…for all this therapeutic advice we’ve been giving out and mostly importantly keeping you entertained so you don’t pull all your hair out :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck with the “mysterious” job, sounds like you’re delighted about it, good for you and yes…enjoy the paid holidays while you can!! (:

Why doesn’t it happen to me? Nobody pays me for doing nothing and just waiting :frowning: :lol:

Congratulations! I hope that everything goes really well and that you will enjoy your new job. :smiley:

Haha~ Expect a virtual cheques of Big Thank You. It’s just amazing how one phone call can alter my daily life… because of this, I can’t even go to a gym…since my cell doesn’t work there (damn at&t!). Even when going to a mall or noisy area place… I always place my hand on my cell phone in case I don’t hear the ring. Even when going to restroom…I’m tightly holding my cell phone… kahahaha… man~ hope this ends soon!!! But, thanks for all the comments and advice! My stress level went from 9 to 1.

You probably have a phone addiction (phone glued to the hand syndrome) and as for holding it when trying to relieve yourself, i.e. pee. That is a little worrying - or creates some peculiar images in my mind - I certainly don’t hold a phone when attempting that manoeuvre. Though I suppose we’ve reduced the stress level so we’d like a pay rise too.

Me too. When I’m waiting on something important, I like to fire up an online game on my PS3, log into PSN network and…