Waiting Stress

That’s good to hear, the stress level that is! I can relate to being attached to the mobile a lot - I think we’ve all been there expecting important news or hearing if we got that important job we’ve been waiting on, so yeah, you’re not alone in that regard :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s funny how many people do actually answer the phone when they are in the bathroom :shifty: I suppose there isn’t anything really wrong with it, except if you hear things, then yes…that might be a little strange…let’s just hope it’s a quick visit to the loo! :blush: :rofl:

I agree with Robert too btw, a pay rise would do nicely also :smiley:

Mike - Is the Playstation network back up yet? I haven’t logged onto that in ages! :goof:

I’m not going to comment on this, I’m not going to comment on this! :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s becasue the one who’s calling is Nature itself! And that’s a call that you can’t stop answering whether you like it or not :lol:

Yup, she called~~ man… I’m free!!! Finally, I can hit the gym and go for 20 laps of swimming! Then 15 min of jacuzzi then 10 min of sauna… it’s going to be a great day.

Are they still down? that’s pathetic… ah well~ back to Portal 2! It’s awesome game!

:x must…resist…posting…risqué…one…liner…comment :smiley:

:musicman: yay! Good for you Sg, you know where to find us next time to get you through the hard times! :cool:

I can resist the call of nature. I was fully trained as a small child.

“You pray to the porcelain God.”

There you are I’ve just saved you the embarrassment of making any silly comments. :smiley:

I’m afraid that nobody can save from that :lol:

I will keep myself busy, usually reading a book, watching a movie.

Its better I divert my mind to something more constructive rather than waiting …if Im stuck in a jam(its often) I switch on the radio.