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hi, i edit my page with visual composer, i add element like best sales and i set this to show products in row,and i save it,every thing is normal in visual composer edit page but when i update settings and see main page,best sales element is showing in list ,but i wana this in row,and in visual composer page view its in row,whats happend?
my theme is nilson.

Hi @labour. It’s very difficult to understand what you are asking for here. Could you please explain a little more clearly, and post any relevant code with your question. Thanks.

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Visual Composer Is plugin for edit pages, When I use it for edit my pages.its for adding elements to page and edit pages,i wana edit one pages with woocommerse elements,this element should show products in row,its fine in visual composer page editor but the when i leave visual composer page editor and see the page without visual composer tools,this element shows products in list,rather than showing them in row,


You’ll need to look at the generated HTML that is output.

Hopefully you’ll see something (eg. a class attribute value) that will help you to identify where it’s coming from.
My guess would be the template, but maybe not.

Once you figure that out you should be able to modify it to what you want it to be.

As both the plugin and template are “premium” that you’ve paid for, do they not have some type of support?

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yes they have,themplate have,but no success yet,

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