Vimeo iFrame: End Time Parameter Possible?

I need to embed a Vimeo video but have been requested to force the video to stop playing at a specific end time. I’m finding myself searching for something that doesn’t seem to be controllable by a simple parameter like YouTube. I don’t want a loop or a playback. I just simply want to stop the player at a specific time point.

Hi there toad78,

have you not considered using the HTML video element?

This would give you full control of it’s behaviour.

Further reading:-

MDM - HTML video element events


Yeah. I’m going to have to resort to that with video files instead of being able to work with the embedded video iframe.

Have you ever looked at the Vimeo player API?

There’s plenty of detail there on getting the playback position of the video.
Use setInterval to check for that position, and if it’s greater than your desired end time you can then stop or pause the video.


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