Viewing two folders in Outlook 2007

Hello everyone,

At work I use Outlook 2007. Currently I have two folders, my inbox and a folder for customers who I do not need to call back due to another consultant looking after the customer. I have setup a rule in Outlook so that emails of this type automatically go to this second folder (which I shall call ‘Secondary’ in this thread).

Obviously I have to click on the Secondary folder if I want to view the emails of this folder and then click on inbox to go back to my main emails.

What I would like to do is have four panes going across outlook instead of three. So instead of having: Mail folders : Inbox : Mail message. I would like to have: Mail folders : Inbox : Secondary folder : Mail message.

Is this possible? It would really make it easier for me if something like this could be done.

Thanks (hopefully) in advance.

I had a feeling this couldn’t be done :wink: