Best Way to Save Emails in Outlook 2007?


I have over 20,000 emails in Outlook 2007. I want to save ALL emails in each folder, and back them up onto my computer.

  1. I want the backed up emails on my computer to be searchable and accessible, so that I can quickly find specific messages and responses that I gave to clients on my harddrive.

  2. I also want the back up to be easily restorable. I will be transferring computers, and want to be able to restore the emails in Outlook when needed.

Any help is appreciated.


You could export the whole mailbox as a PST file.

All you need is outlook to open it back up again using the “open” function, and it will open it next to or below your active mailbox. If you use “import” it will merge the mailbox with your active mailbox (which I assume you do not want to do).

Thanks for your help! I made a .pst back-up based on the instructions provided.

Do you recommend any .pst viewers?

I’m pretty sure even the deleted emails are saved. For the best way to save I just keep as new.