Video On The Web

Hey guys, I was wondering, that almost 90% of Video on the web is in flash. How will that video be converted into HTML 5. Also, are there any good HTML Video editing tools.

You may want to take a look at:

Mark: Actually very little video on the web is Flash, what you’ve done is mistaken serving a video file through Flash with Flash being the actual format. People tend to serve video through Flash because unlike HTML5, it’s widely supported and available in most browsers. You should however provide a direct link to the video file for download on non-supporting systems no matter what you use. In regards to HTML5 Video… again, it’s just an HTML element which links to the video and embeds it in the page… HTML5 is NOT a video format. The formats you’ll find on your computer are the same as those on the web, it’s just the medium it’s served in that differs. :slight_smile: