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Hi there,
I’m opening this thread after a long time. We had an intense discussion over other intricacies.

For now, it seems that I am stuck at achieving something which was working fine before.

The pricetag –
This one should also update when the checkboxes ticked.

But that is not happening. All the script is dependent on the classes. So the HTML under discussion – if we put the class totalprice

Then the HTML starts to get updated →
<h2 class="price license_price themecolor">€59</h2>

If we change to →

<h2 class="totalprice themecolor">€59</h2>

But then button’s add to Cart Button on the selection of checkboxes or drop-down fails to get updated.

My issue is: Previously everything was working fine:
Both add to cart button and the HTML above were updating simultaneously. what mistake or accidental change I have done because of which I am seeing a failure of anticipated results.

Source Search: “license_price” Returns 2 Javascript results.

  function getPriceEl(form) {

    return form.querySelector(".license_price");

function getCheckboxPrice(checkbox) {

    return checkbox.parentNode.querySelector(".license_price").innerHTML;


Both of these functions return a single result.

  function updatePrice(select, prices) {

    var price = getPriceEl(select.form);

    price.innerHTML = "€" + prices[select.selectedIndex];


So this function updates a single element’s value.
You’ve put multiple instances of a total value into the page, but only told your function to update one of them. So that’s what it does.

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So above two needs to be united. Right?

But Isn’t this part updates inner HTML?
<h2 class="price license_price themecolor">€59</h2> because the class price is there.

And this one does the update from the selection dropdown.

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