Validating & Testing CSS

If I validate my HTML and CSS and get no errors using doctype strict, can I assume my pages will work in the top 5 browsers? Or do I still need to test them?

Personally, I would say never assume anything. Code validation doesn’t = perfect rendering.

That’s wishful thinking.

  1. Validation doens’t catch every aspect of how you can write bad mark up. You can have both validation and bad mark up in the same package.

  2. Since when did you get the idea that web dev was so simple? In fact, those top 5 browsers are the one messing up and force you to resort to CSS wizardry. And I’m not pointing the finger to IE alone. Each has its issues, and every new version resolve some and bring some with it.

  3. There is a 1-in-1 chance your CSS code will not be valid :wink: I know I live by that rule. There are errors, which you should fix, but there is “invalid” code you just need to get the job done.

On a side note: define work. :lol:

Okay, any recommendations regarding browser testing software? I prefer to do it local as oppose to online. Anyone use SuperPreview? Any recommendations with comments would be greatly appreciated!

Well, installing those browsers is a good start.

For IE, you could opt for a package like Utilu IE Collection or Multiple IE. Online browser shots services are valuable when you can’t manage that.

I was going to point you to another online service for browser shots, but at work I didn’t have it bookmarked.

So, here it is:

Adobe has BrowserLabs but js functionality doesn’t work. Good for rendering purposes.

For me I have multiple machines and platforms to cover all the bases. Personally I don’t trust those ‘emulators’ Nothing beats the real thing. :slight_smile:

However if this isn’t an option I’ve had decent results with BrowserLabs.

Thanks for everyone’s feedback. I’m a one-man-band working on one computer so having the option of personally downloading all the browsers and various versions doesn’t seem plausible to me. Besides, I really like the idea of easily flipping through different browsers and overlaying (onion skin?) different renderings.

Browserlabs looks good since I work in Dreamweaver. I can’t find where they list the price packages. How much is it?

Another service I found that looks like it would be really good is Multi Browser Viewer. The cost is $140 a year.

One concern I have is once I see that a certain browser/version is rendering my page badly is I have no idea how to fix it!! For example, I looked at a page using and the page looked good in all the browsers I selected except for MSIE 7. For some reason it was dropping the 1st column down about 800px. So now I know that there’s a problem, but am unsure what to change in the code to fix it AND keep things the same in the other browsers that ARE working.

How do you guys deal with these issues?

Hmmm… Let me think. Oh! Here’s an idea:


I really don’t see what possibly could prevent you from installing those browsers. Especially since you are a one man’s band.

That’s the issue with these emulators. They basically ‘display’ the layout, nothing more. And to answer your question browserlabs is free. Just need an Adobe ID.

Another solution is buy a cheap laptop or old desktop and install the other browsers. That way you have a separate test machine ad it shouldn’t cost you more than $200. You don’t need anything fancy(big had drive, lots of RAM, etc.). Just a plain vanilla machine for testin.