Using the <video> tag to embed .wmv files?


I need to embed .wmv files in chorme and firefox using the HTML5 video tag.
seems this time of video file doesn’t work with the video tag:

is this true? as of 2012 is there still no solution for this?
I must add that converting the .wmv files to a different format is not a possiblity and using windows media player object isn’t either.

You shoul add another <source> with an alternative video file, in OGG, or OGV format.

If I could convert the .wmv files to another format I wouildn’t have a problem in the first place. or did I not understand your suggetsion?

Just look on the net for: “wmv to ogg video converter” , you’ll find somme free aplication to make the conversion.

I know it can be done and I know how to do it
but I am not allowed to do it, I was asked to find a solution with .wmv files

You cannot use the HTML 5 video tag to play it. Use the object tag.