What is best Software for converting Mov Videos to HTML5 Videos

Hello all,

What do you think is the best FREE software for converting Mov Videos to HTML5 Videos?
And I am talking really Free? That is not download and use with limited features or watermark free, but totally free?
Really appreciate your feedback on this.

HTML5 videos are all videos. It could be mp4, avi, vmw, ogg, or any other video format. You have to understand HTML5 to be able to embed videos.


It is you that needs to: “understand HTML5 to be able to embed videos”


As you can see, HTML Video - Media Types are:
MP4 video/mp4
WebM video/webm
Ogg video/ogg

So next time someone asks a question here, either give the answer IF you know it. Or dont.

I don’t think you actually understand what you are saying. You’re basically saying that what I said isn’t right and then you spit out the same exact words I have said, but then add in HTML videos in there. I think you obviously don’t understand HTML at all because “HTML5DOES NOT have its own video format. When you say “HTML5” videos, you’re basically asking us about this


Which it doesn’t EXIST and there IS NO such thing as “HTML5” videos. So before you go with your condescending tone, I’d recommend “re-wording” your question again.

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OK - calm down guys.

WorldNews seems to have worded the initial question badly, and wants to know how to convert .mov videos into a format supported by the HTML5 <video> tag.

@WorldNews: are you looking for desktop software, and if so, for which OS?

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Adding to this, it should vary depending on how long the video is. There are “free” websites that allow you to convert videos to any video format and can only upload a certain amount of file size.

It’s been a while since I worked with “.mov” files, but I remember them well. I had Windows 98 that came with MediaPlayer. I also installed QuickTime and RealPlayer. Every time I updated one or another some “file associations” would be hijacked to whatever had been last updated. It was very frustrating until I figured out what was happening.

Anyway, at the time, the different apps had ways to “save as / export as” from one format to others. IIRC I needed to install a few codecs and experiment with different rates before I had what I considered to be success.

Things have much changed since those days, but I would first check to see if your app has the “save/export” features you need.
If not you might try a third party converter, but beware such apps are notorious for being malware vectors so if possible go with reputable vendor even if it’s only a trial or paid.
The other option is to upload your files to a CDN cloud server that does the converting for you.
Or as spaceshiptrooper suggested, find a site that will do the converting.


I highly recommend downloading the free Handbrake software for encoding one video to another. 2014 online review: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2399750,00.asp

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Handbrake is a pretty good one. In the past, I would use it to reduce some of my video formats. This is off-topic a bit, but relates to Handbrake. So in a game I play, they have a built-in screen recording so you can record all your game matches like literally. So one time, the recording system went haywire and a 4 minute video became like 5 - 8 GB when it’s supposed to be less than 1 GB. So it kept going on for a while and I decided to use Handbrake to convert the videos. And so the file size went back to normal. I’d also recommend Handbrake.

Really depends on what software you are using and what it is for. Say if you are doing a screencast and it allows you to export the screencast as an mp4, webm, or some other form of video format, I’d recommend exporting it to webm because that file is pretty much for the web. The only thing is that it’s new and not a lot of softwares support it. But I’d still recommend it because you can potentially launch that video into your web browser instead of your default video player. Sometimes, the video player doesn’t have the right codecs to play so you’ll have to go out and install the right ones. But with webm, you launch it using the default web browser you are using. And you basically can watch the video without installing anything or downloading any specific codecs.

TechnoBear, a desktop software for Windows OS would be best, since my desktop is Windows OS. But of course I could also use a server based solution (aka Cloud) to which I will upload the MOV video and it will give back for download the HTML5 Videos. But of course that would be a lil inefficient however if no free desktop solutions are avail and a free Server based solution is, then fine.


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Well you know iPhone Videos, and we are talking latest versions of iPhone, when downloaded from iPhone Server (Cloud) are in MOV file format. So that is how I got these MOV files.

Aha, this seems to be what I was looking for. Although from a quick look I do not see MOV format for conversion into HTML5 Video formats, it still looks promising. I shall give it a try.
Much Thanks :slight_smile:

I started Handbrake, pointed it to an MOV file on my computer and it accepted it into the system, and allowed to convert to mp4 by default.

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Ok, that is great to know. Two follow up questions:
1- Can one instruct Handbrake to convert a MOV file to all valid HTML5 Videos, which are as you know:
MP4 video/mp4
WebM video/webm
Ogg video/ogg
2- What sort of file size reduction did you get when Handbrake converted your Mov file into HTML5 Video?
Or can one set the compression rate in the software when converting?


  1. It outputs to mp4, mkv. It adjusts to many sizes, not formats. I guess that’s the limit of free software. Sorry about that. Didn’t see that before; mp4 suited my needs for YouTube uploads. Codecs: H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, H.265.

  2. You can adjust the quality.


OK, that is really good to know. I shall download it and give it a go.

“What do you think is the best FREE software for converting Mov Videos to HTML5 Videos?” Handbrake will not convert MOV to all the HTML5 video formats.

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