Using pre-made flash template

First time ever using flash and a premade template, i am going into the text document to change just basic text etc. (i.e. website name , page titles) and i am noticing when i preview it some capitol letters won’t show up. Now when i tupe everything in lower case ecerything is fine.

What am i doing wrong and how do i fix it ?


Hi anthonycamp. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

To be honest, you are better off ditching that Flash template. Flash is a dud technology for web design. Go with HTML and CSS. :slight_smile:

But other than that, you mght have to post something for people to look at. It’s hard to say what’s going on there, so provide as much info as possible if you are determined to stick with Flash.

thank you for the update , i love the elements in the template for what i am trying to accomplish. Is there anyway i could send you the file to show you what i am looking at?

It’s very likely it could be done in HTML/CSS, as long as there isn’t too much fancy movement going on.

Is there anyway i could send you the file to show you what i am looking at?

Is there a site that features this template?

Is the one i want to use

i’m really only concerned about keep the basic main page as far as menu bar throughout every sub page etc. I’m not concerned about the other pages and their layout

Hm, unfortunately that’s a dreadfully inaccessible web page. The thing to consider here—if you are really serious about working with the web—is how users will access your content. Something that’s cool and attractive is not the primary concern. People with disabilities (such as blind users using a screen reader) will have little or no access to that page, and those on devices like iPhone and iPad will just see a dead black screen. And anyone else who has Flash off or disabled. And the biggest blind user of them all, Google, also will have trouble accessing that page, so it will fail to rank in searches.

If you must have fancy effects, the best way to go is firstly build something simple that works for all users, then add some unobtrusive JavaScript for those that have it enabled. That’s no small task, though, so you may need to hire someone for that.

Sorry to be so down about it, but honestly, I’m like a building inspector telling you that the house you are about to buy is full of white ants. The web is a young medium, so people are generally less aware of the pitfalls of bad web design.

As to your immediate issue, I’m not sure if a general answer can be given. I don’t know Flash, but it may take familiarity with the template to know how it all works. You may be better off asking the supplier of the template for some assistance. :slight_smile:

Ralph, I agree with you 100% , Being a photographer i don’t want to limit my clients to being able to see my website , i’ve done websites in the past using expression web and front page before that. I just was drawn to the fact of how the website for one sounded and the interactie menu tabe at the top. i’ve locked down the scrolling pictures through expression which was not a problem at all, but do you think it is possible to have thos menu tabs interacitve like that or would i be putting myself back to square one with issue of viewers not being able to see the website etc.

I want to make it user friendly especially with the explosion of cell phone use and various electronic devices that are capable of getting the internet on them. What would be your suggestion and would you use expression web?

It is possible to have all the features you like about that Flash site - and yet still have it accessible (and, importantly for a photo portfolio, viewable on an ipad, which the template wouldn’t be!).

To achieve the funky menu, you should take a look at jQuery ( ). There is no “quick fix” for proper web development, but jQuery certainly gives a helping hand.

As to the music, it is NEVER a good idea to have music automatically play when visiting a site. I doubt there is anything more likely to make viewers close the window/browser before they’ve read a word. If you want to include music, do it via a panel that the user controls. Methods for doing that are covered in the Sitepoint book HTML5 and CSS 3 for the real world. You could include the audio with a flash controller, and it would be easier - but wouldn’t work on any iDevice. Personally I wouldn’t make it a priority - unless your site is audio focused (which it isn’t), people generally prefer to listen to their own music :smiley:

Yeah i see what your saying , all of it is really not needed and thats a good point about the music you bring up , more and more i think a good graphically made website is what i am going to accomplish which can be viewed on every device …

I’m not sure if a template like that would give you access to the original .flv files, but I did read today that Abobe has a tool that converts these to HTML/CSS/JsS:

Also just read today that Adobe has ditched its mobile Flash player in favor or HTML5. That shows that even Adobe is realizing that Flash is dead.

Thats a good point and thnak you for the information. This is the first site where i actually posted and everyone has answered and given me not only useful information but correct information. Thank you again to everyone !!! you have stopped me from creating a big mistake !!! that’s for sure …

Ralph, Where could i find a converter like that?

The only one I know of is the one I linked to.

The only reson i ask is that I had read on the internet through various threads etc , that flah and html 5 are like a crap shoot? have you ran into any issues with it ?

Don’t worry too much about HTML5. It is just HTML with a few enhancements—most of which are only experimental at this stage. The better thing to focus on is converting to HTML itself, and of course CSS, and JS where appropriate.

I noticed with just playing around a min ago with the wallaby program i got a lot of compatibilty erros … is that normal for the conversion?

I’m afraid I don’t know. I just head about that program the other day while Googling the topic. It might at least give you a head start, but the idea would be to build the site from scratch, of course.


here is a website that i would like to recreate.
what would be your suggestions?


That’s not a Flash site as such, though it has a Flash gallery in the middle. That could easily be replaced with JavaScript (which I would recommend). Other than that, the code is messier than it needs to be, but is usable as is. That’s a nice simple design that is easy to do with HTML and CSS (and a bit of JavaScript for the gallery).