Web masterpieces?

Would you share your best work or the best work of others on web design? Why does it work design wise? How about the code? What makes it a great website and what can we learn about it?

Sorry but you’re wrong. If you would please re-read my comment you would notice that I stated “100% Flash” (quite literally), If you have a Flash website which has NO alternative content, that causes SERIOUS issues. A site comprised partially of Flash with alternative content to fall back on is a much better option. I stated that I was NOT against the use of Flash, just used in moderation (hence why I said appropriate use). Needless to say that while I appreciate Flash, I wanted to highlight that I wouldn’t consider any example that used Flash with no fall-back as a masterpiece (more a lack of consideration on behalf of the developer). :slight_smile:

Those aren’t the issues you talked about. Apple can’t claim usability or accessibility as a reason for not adding Flash because a number of their apps and afaik, all their games, don’t have any at all. It’s not like the visually impaired have a braille version of the iphone that they can use to play Street Fighter 4 on.

We’re talking about web masterpieces here. If usability, accessibility, and compatibility are your criteria, then Jakob Nielsen’s site should be at the top of your list. So going by your criteria, here’s your masterpiece: http://www.useit.com/

Now Apple’s beef with Flash has supposedly everything to do with “performance”, which we all know is utter rubbish. So using Apple’s biased comments as a basis for an argument against Flash is weak.

The point I’m trying to make is: Let’s not forget how much Flash pushed the web as a whole. The web went from ultra-static tabled pages with animated gif backgrounds to full blown “interactive media” sites. A lot of the early “masterpieces” were created in Flash, simply because Flash was, and most of the time still is, the best choice for a richer user experience.

A few of the classics:

Full interactive video site - afaik, this was one of the first, and still one of the best executed ones:
Vodafone Journey

A site that gives a little extra if you have blue/red 3D glasses:
Barcinski and Jeanjean.com/

Online Promotional Game:
Coke Zero Online Game

A graphic classic: basically changed the way video game sites were designed:
2advanced (remember when this showed up? everyone went nuts)

A site that was always pushing stuff in subtle ways:
Leo Burnett (what used to be a pencil that drew along with your mouse gestures is now a 3D scene with reflections rendered in real time)

Playstaion-quality 3D graphics (basically proved that Flash can be used to build a proper 3D online video game)

Ecodazoo was built on this Roxik’s Sharikura 3D engine

One of sharikura’s recent examples (check out the real-time lighting and textures):

Let’s not forget the countless other sites that used user-uploaded content such as video, on-screen graphics interacted with people through regular web cams, used sound as a basis for on-the-fly graphics generations, etc. etc.

The web we have today has taken tons of inspiration from Flash. Without that platform, we may still be building and designing gray boxes with full loading pages instead of the css/ajax-powered media sites we have now.

Alright, fair enough. I’ll give you that.

Now, let’s return to the topic?

Non-Flash “masterpieces”:

Uniqlo (the site itself is a brand)
The Times UK (I thought the revamp was excellent)
Somebody already mentioned Jason Santa Maria’s site and ALA, so let’s skip those…
Apple (duh…)
Visit Philly (a happycog site)
Weiden + Kennedy (one of my personal faves)
Information Architects (another personal fave)

I liked the model agency Next Models website:

Done in flash though. Make sure you get deep enough into the site to see a models portfolio, that way you can appreciate the site.

And neither of those changes a thing :slight_smile:

narf :lol: So of course on that note I offer an all Flash site. sigh I would never recommend an all flash site for the exact reasons that Alex talks about.

However, I find the Flash animation understated and elegant while the design is and artistry are quite simply breath-taking. I love this site. Its from a Toronto designer, and has only four pages. Yet while thematically related, each is a completely original design. It includes full audio, though I think you can better appreciate the gorgeous sound design with the music turned off.

:eye: I also believe that it could be executed quite appropriately using XHTML, CSS, and Javascript (especially with a little jQuery) and that would provide both accessibility and non-animated fallback positions for older browsers, nor would it require a Flash plugin. It would probably be a much larger pain in the ass to execute, but definitely better practice.

XLCowBoy, why are you making so many assumptions? What you’ve said is irrelevant. I never mentioned anything in relation to performance in this thread and my response was ONLY in relation to people who choose to build websites that are entirely constructed using Flash (as opposed to being built with HTML). I really don’t give a hoot as to the performance side of things, I care more about accessibility, usability and compatibility, all of which Flash itself poops on in equal measure. :slight_smile:

Actionscript 2 and Actionscript 3…

Off Topic:

You would have to be pretty naive to think “performance” is the reason why Apple decided not to allow Flash on their products.

Ask anyone who does scripts for a living - AS, JS canvas, or otherwise. The only common consensus I’ve seen among them is (when doing the same tasks on both platforms):

  1. Canvass CPU requirements >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Flash CPU requirements
  2. Canvass browser compatibility <<<<<< Flash browser compatibility (iecanvass fix is POOR. Try running processing.js on it if you dare)
  3. Jobs is lying through his teeth.

HTML5 video is still very rough as well.


I agree that Flash can’t be example of good coding, but they can be an inspiration to good design practices. That’s why I included one in my list… I think it is good enough to worth that honor :smiley:

Agreed there, but I think they’ll be one of the first to use H.264 when it becomes standard. Then it would be awesome :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to it to. Beats trying to give users a player specific for their machine or making them choose a player like I do.

My best HTML/CSS/SEO/Internet Marketing site is my latest homepage [snip]

It’s my best because the coding is efficient and clean (I think) and I spent a long time planning out my keywords and then created the structure of my site around those keywords. I also segmented my content in such a way that I think is very search engine friendly and thus helps me generate more business.

Taylor, please see my post above. This is for what inspires you, not how good/bad/indifferent your latest work is.

Correct. But we also said that this thread should not become a promotion tool. :wink:

Because they are a creative and important design studio :smiley:

***REMINDER: This thread is not for self-promotion so please don’t link to your sites unless they trully offer something new and something we can learn from… Be aware that I will remove any link if I think that the page doesn’t have a minimum to be on this list. I insist. THE ONLY WAY THAT I WOULD LET YOU LINK TO YOUR OWN SITE IS BECAUSE IS AN EXAMPLE OF BEAUTY, ORIGINALITY AND GOOD CODING PRACTICES. *** :wink:

Just a few here to add to the list


I think equilibria is beautiful, nice, clean and simple.


This is flash at its best and in full. You can’t take it as a coding example but it looks great. It takes a huge amount of time to load (at least for me) but the graphics are so good that I think it is worth it.


The design is clean and clear. This is a design company.


The name is quite suggesting… but has nothing to do with porn!! This is a design studio, right now they did the TV spots for Skoda.

I don’t think any professional web designer would consider a 100% Flash powered website a good example of anything other than “artistic design”, especially with the problems that have been highlighted by Apple’s choice to refuse Flash on iPod, iPhone and iPad alike. Though I do appreciate appropriate use of Flash. :slight_smile: