Using jquery on mobile


I am very new to the whole topic of mobile design and have redesigned a website for a client using jquery accordian (it is expanding vertically) to work on desktop/laptop, he now wants a mobile version, my question is will this work on mobile, I have been reading up on responsive web design & don’t know if the jquery accordian will work


In my experience, a jQuery accordion will work on devices like iPhone and in Opera mini. I haven’t tried other devices. Ideally, make sure there is a nice fallback for browsers that don’t support JS. For example, the user finds all sections of the accordion open and thus can access them.


thanks for your reply, this might sound like a silly question, would you need to add some sort of code in the accordian design in order for browsers that don’t support JS to view the fallback design

The accordian should just display as fully expanded without javascript. You should consider using jquery mobile rather thanthe full jquery library on mobile devices.

As EastCoast said, think of JS as code added to otherwise perfectly usable HTML. So then, if JS s off or not available, the HTML works by itself—in this case, as fully expanded.

But if this is a site for all devices, you can’t really target it that way. Besides, I though jQ mobile was an addition to jQuery—or an extension—rather than an alternative. Will have to check that out.

I’m going to use responsive design so it targets most devices so hopefully the accordian will work