Running JQuery on a mobile phone created a twitter bootstrap based website that scales perfectly to mobile and tablet. I want to use jquery on the website to handle the navigation so that when the site is viewed on a mobile device the user clicks the category button and the sub categories drop down. This saves a huge list showing on the smaller screen. I’ve got it working fine on the desktop version of the site but when I test on my iPhone 5 phone, no jquery navigation just a long list of sub categories.

Do I have to enable JQuery Mobile to use JQuery on a mobile site or should it work straight out of the box so to speak?

Should this just work with no additional code? Or is there anything that I have to setup for the mobile versions of the website? Would really appreciate an answer on this.

You certainly need to reference the Jquery js file in the <head> of your document containing the nav.

My navigation is contained within an include file. I have a reference jquery in the footer. I was under the impression that the correct place to call javascript was at the end of the document or am I wrong? Incidentally I’m referencing to jquery using

<script src=""></script>

That seems to be fine. I would suggest looking at the CSS that is tied to the jquery and make sure that is referenced as well.

Thanks, will check it out