Using Fixed Width Content within a 100% div

Hi Guys

Please see:

If I want the main text content to take up a fixed width within the main 100% div, what technique should I use?

What fixed width is it best to use?


OK, so I’ve added a new div called textcontent and given it the following CSS:

#textcontent {
margin:0px auto;
width: 960px;
background-color: #FFCCCC;

Is that it? Is 960px the best width to use?


Yes, that’s fine.

Is 960px the best width to use?

Best for what? The web is really meant to be a flexible medium—adaptable to all sorts of environments like small screens etc.—so the ideal is probably to have a flexible width, such as width: 80%;

Or, you might want to try {max-width:960px}. It narrows to fit the window width, too.

Different behaviors. Pick one that suits your fancy. There really is no “best”. :slight_smile: