Website width

I am trying to decide on a standard width for my websites. I always center them. I keep hearing everyone using different widths. I here 850px,950px,980px, 1000px. I also would like to make sure they look good on smart phones too. Just looking for a little feedback!

Everything looks good on a smart phone. Smart phone users finger side to side and double tap to enlarge text to screen width. So no smart phone user will notice much difference in width. I would say around 1000 px is prob a good number to use these days.

No that’s way too wide.

100% is a better width to use but if you must use a fixed width then you need to consider that many Windows 7 users will have two windows open side by side if they have a screen that is 1920 or larger in witdth. On a standard 1920 screen that only gives you a viewport width for the browser of around 940 to 950 and so 1000 would always produce a horizontal scrollbar.

I agree :agree:

I typically use 960px. The disadvantage of a 100% width for a web page is that content next to the left and right border could be too far apart and users with wide screens might have to turn their heads or move their eyes too much to make it comfortable to read the content.