Using another brand's product in an image for a wholesaler's website

I’m building a website for a client whose business is importing food and drink products and selling them wholesale to businesses in the UK.

Is it safe - legally speaking - to take a photograph of those products for use on his website? Do you know of anywhere online I can get that question answered?


Can’t you ask the company whose products you want to photograph?

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Yes, if It’s your own pictures of products in your assortment, though I guess your worry is more about how you present the products? :thinking:

Some companies have strong opinons about how their products are distributed and marketed.

Following @Gandalf’s advice, you could ask the suppliers how they want their products presented and if they would give permission to use their descriptions and link to them for more information.

I’ve tried but they’re really slow at getting back to me.

Yeah, I guess I’ll give them another call or five, LOL.


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