Using trademarked logos as part of a site's design

I’m developing a site for a used car dealer and as part of the design I’d like to use the logos of the companies who’s cars he sells. I’m not going to claim the logos as mine or his, I just want to use them to demonstrate the makes of cares he sells. Are there any legal issues in doing this?

I’m no lawyer so this is certainly not legal advice, but it’s just my observation that many companies seem to do this - used car dealers especially - and usually just make a footnote that says something like “trademarks shown are the property of their respective owners”.

If you really want to be sure of the legality, check with a lawyer or maybe contact some automakers directly and ask what their policy regarding use of their trademark to sell their products at a used car lot. Judging by the many places in print and online where trademarks are used like you described though, my guess is this is an accepted practice.


We have worked with car dealers before and if they are an authorized dealer of the car brand you are allowed to use the logo and pictures of cars that has the logo on the website.

If they are not an official dealer (i.e. approved by the car brands headquarter in the country/state, they are not allowed to use the logo etc).

Please note I know for sure this applies to Norway, but I would assume it is the same in most other countries as well. Though you should verify to be on the safe side.

I might contact a few car companies and see what they say. I can’t see the harm it does when I’m not claiming the logos as mine in any way. I guess companies can be picky though.

Thanks for the advice!