Users signing up to blogs

Ok, so at first I thought these users who were signing up were legit, but I don’t think they are at all.

On a forum when spammers sign up they can spam (most of the time) b4 anyone catches them, but why are all these spammers (I assume they are) signing up to my blogs?

Often I’ll get the same user name & e-mail signing up.

Are they trying to hack in or what?



Spam bots just look for any webpage with a form to try to send mail from. They don’t know a registration form from a contact form. Probably just failed attempts to send spam using your registration form (which isn’t possible).

Doesn’t your blog host offer any protection against spammers and spambots like these? I know WordPress and Blogger do this. You should be able to install an anti-spam software on your blog if it doesn’t have that installed by default.


Ok, we had added a anti spam plugin for the contact page, BUT I don’t see a spam plugin for signing up so they can post. What’s it called?

They haven’t started spamming yet, but again I got 6 signups today (alot from Russia), so it makes me nervous.



Quick question, why do you want people to register for your site anyway?

I often get a lot sign-ups from same people but using different emails and IPs. They ended up being deleted in my email list.

freelance, so you keep track of every single user & the duplicates? There’s no way I’d have time for that.

boy, people sign up b/c they have to in order to post.

P.S. Does anyone know of anyone who’s really good at coding Magento for add-ons/plugins?

Lol I like that man… The can get in and spam before anyone catches them…

Yea, chances are that they were unsucessful attempts to complete the form.

Try using a captcha -code for the registration.

keep it track use captcha to prevent them.

Can someone pls. send me the URL to the capta plugin. We only have the one for the contact page which I’m told is different.



The Spamming of blogs is now a days more, since many spammers try to post in their comments for promoting their site using multiple login id’s and thus we have to be careful towards this.

I just disabled use sign up. If they are a regular poster, I’d manually add them. I had 60+ spam sign ups in a few months.

Yes, I think what you have been thinking is correct… Since the marketing field had really grown and i think to market each and everyones products there are many spam related content which is as similar as present in these forums.

They may try to get more links from your site for promotional activity, Dont allow such a person into your blog.

I would say disabling signup would just be the best thing, really isn’t needed for wordpress.