Urls and key phrase richness

Good evening from one degress C windy and nearly snowing York UK…

Ok heres the situation. I have registered a url which is rich in the key pharses i want to rank for. But here is my concern…

This is the url… http://www.wedding-york-photographer.co.uk/

As you’ll probably spot ive set up a forwarding action which the result than when this url is entered in forwards onto my site.

Now to my question:
If I was to get a link from an external site and gave them this address www.wedding-york-photographer.co.uk would that offer any SEO value or by the very nature its a forwarding address would there be no point.

I hope ive explained this clearly. But just to reiterate my concern is that when someone agrees to place a link into my site (and they have) giving them the url with the key phrase I’m targeting will come to nothing as its a forwarding url rather than the original eMail.

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

301 redirect will redirect all link juice to new domain (url) and its also SEO friendly redirect.