Uploading files using flash when Kaspersky is active


What I’m trying to do is an upload form with a progress bar using : PHP - Javascript - Flash/ActionScript. I need actionscript & javascript in order to get the file size before uploading. Everything is working fine but when there is a running internet security program such as Kaspersky, the upload progress is not working correctly as it jumps to 100% in 1 sec.

I made a lot of search in order to find a solution and the only one I found is to add the domain that hosts the script to the trusted websites in Kaspersky. Though, it is not the perfect solution if your script is used by a lot of customers who will not be comfortable when I ask them to tell their visitors to add their domains to the trusted list in order to get the progress bar work.

My question, is there anything that I should add to ActionScript or JavaScript codes in order to stop this behaviour from Kaspersky?

If you have Kaspersky you can see the probelm on these pages :

Any help to solve this issue would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I read that the kaspersky works as a transparent layer which make the upload done to this layer first then start to send it to the PHP script and that’s the reason of the probelm as the file is uploaded instantly to the layer on the same computer thats why the progress is not correct. But I need to stop this behaviour from Kaspersky.

Any ideas?

Yea, I am also looking for a solution. An alternative solution may be using cgi scripts to upload files and at the same use LoadVars to get progress bar, i.e. ignore the progress info provided by Flash.

i copied the script you provided directly into a new flash file, tested it locally, and it seems to work fine for me. the list of file names is traced out just as it seems it should.

security problem maybe?

I contacted Adobe customer support and they told me that the only solution is to add the site domain to the trusted websites list on Kaspersky.