PHP Progress bar Solutions?

I’ve been trying to get several APC progress bars to work and it’s just not happening. I could move to a Flash uploader but I’m not sure how that would interact with the other form elements.

I’m uploading video, so a progress bar is crucial. There HAS to be a solution available for uploading and showing a progress bar, PLUS processing the form.

All of the Flash ones I’ve seen just upload a file. I need to process the form too!

Does anybody have or know of a solution?

Thank you. I finally got it sorted out. I had to recompile Apache without PHPsuexec. :slight_smile:

You can use Uploadify and modify it so that once the file upload is triggered - you trigger the form submission (or serialize the form -> send it to a script). However, there are issues:

  1. Asynchronous file upload can die for some reason, which means your form data and the file itself are 2 separate upload processes.

  2. It won’t work on computers without flash.

Now the other solution is that you try to go without flash based upload script. There are some that are combination of perl and php which try to handle the upload progress bar.
However, you’ll still have separate process to file upload and the form submission.

I’d go without the requirement that the file has to be uploaded at the same instance as the form data.
On the other hand, the feature will be either unstable or tricky across multitude of browsers. It’s something PHP can’t do yet. There’s no way, unless you patch PHP up with a certain patch that’s experimental, that you can obtain how much of the file has been uploaded. Obtaining the patch and perl+php solutions are available with simple googling (if I recall right, it was called megaupload).