Upload video to web

I’m intending to upload a video into my website but some say it can slow my website? Is this right and how to have a video on website effectively?

It doesn’t slow your website, as such, but video usually takes a while to load on a page, even if it’s set to download progressively. If a lot of people view the video and it’s quite large, you may find your web hosting bandwidth costs going up.

A really easy way to do this is to upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo or similar and just embed it on your page with the simple code they give you. They are also optimized for faster downloading.

A third option is to buy separate CDN (content delivery network) hosting for your videos and then embed them on your pages like you would with YouTube. CDN hosting is also optimized for fast loading, and is usually pretty cheap (I’m thinking Rackspace or Amazon Web Service etc.)

A Free CDN is available:

yeah! thanks lot. I will upload it to youtube. Hope it works well

That is the best solution dude. Youtube is the most suitable for video and embed it to your site. a backlink to your site will be built automatically

Just create a youtube account and submit it there, then you can grab the embedded link from the youtube video and place that on your site instead :slight_smile:

Putting a video as part of your web page’s content is proven to be effective in attracting customers. More people opt watching the video instead of reading the whole text because obviously, videos are more interactive and easier to understand. Just make sure that your videos encourage users to spend time on your page