PHP Resource Reference

This is a recreation of a thread I had back on the vBulletin forum.

Getting Started

XAMPP (Recommended for outright beginners)
Vagrant (Recommend for users comfortable with the terminal)


Official Language Reference (English)
Sitepoint PHP Article Index


Regular Expression Tester


Not to knock on your efforts, but why reinvent the wheel? :smiley:

I had found this resource list some time ago and it is pretty good.

Though your idea with tools would make a good addition to it too.


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Just to chime in here - for anyone coming into PHP for the first time and seeing this, if you’re the least bit serious about making it into a career, start with Vagrant right away. Here is a good starter tutorial that gets you up and running in 5 minutes - arguably faster than the XAMPP method and much more robust and professional.

For more Vagrant with PHP tutorials see here.

I strongly recommend you sacrifice a day or two to get familiar with what it’s all about. Once you go Vagrant, you never go back - that’s a promise. If anyone gets stuck in any part, please post back and I’ll do my best to help out.


I just found this great list of “amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things”.


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@swader, i agree with you on vagrant. It something every PHP developer need to be using. Just like VCS but for your dev environment. No hassle replicating your working environment.

Adding to the list of php resources, I will recommend, Php: The Right Way. They have got a great collection to help you get started the modern fashion way. No more legacy stuffs strewing the modern erra.

Another resource some may find helpful is the following GitHub article: PHP 7 Reference. It gives an overview of all the features and (most of the) changes in the upcoming PHP 7.


Very interesting! Thanks for your information

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Ran into an interesting video of Rasmus Leerdorf pitching for PHP7 and showing some of the new stuff too.


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