My experiment in doubling Adsense CTR!

I own several very niche sites and out of curiosity, I change one of the settings in my adsense account for a week to test out and I am delighted by the results =)

The setting is: Interest Based Ads. If you are doing micro niche, I would strongly advice you to turn this setting off! After disabling this setting, I have seen an increase in CTR, one channel even close to double (from 15% to 26%). This experiment is conducted without any other changes to the ads.

To change the setting, go to your google adsense acount under account settings, click edit the interest based ads and choose the disable option.

Total Average CTR (on 8 channels) = 5.59%

Total Average CTR (on 8 channels) = 8.3%

Important Note
Before you go and change the settings, please understand this sharing is based on my personal observations. And I highly encourage to only change this settings for your adsense account if you are targeting micro niches.

I look forward to hear from your experiences =)

With Google AdSense let me answer, YES


i was just wondering,does an increase in CTR equally mean an increase in earnings.

From personal experience,

Be careful how high you push your CTR. Even if all your practices are valid, Google has been a bit of a trend of suspending/banning accounts for no other reason than “Suspicious Activity,” and they refuse to give any proof.

I was actually warned by a few other entertainment pubs I knew after getting excited about hitting a 2.5% CTR on my skyscraper. It was awesome, and I actually made the Google Skyscraper my tier 1 or tier 2 position, giving up earnings from other networks and increasing impressions 4 fold on the AdSense ad tag.

Things were awesome for two months. Building up good money, then that was put on hold, and the account kept making money, and I finally wrote in asking them to look into my issue.

Then my account was suspended. It’s crazy. I’ve filed my appeal with all the ifnormation I can think of and am now waiting a response. I’m not going to say how much is owed to me, but let’s just say A LOT.

Good luck, but be careful. I normally love Google AdSense, and have been using them successfully since 2004.


I tried this on a friend’s account with only one site, for many thousands visitors I haven’t seen any difference in ctr or in ecpm, so I reverted it back to showing interest-based ads.

I use ur tips to increase my CTR and post my experience here. Now my CTR very low.

Thank you for sharing your experiment. I’m just requesting google adsense. Hope it works well.

Wonder if this really works. If got a few microniches i could try this on. Hope it works…

Do you think this works for blogs outside of micro niche?

I remember clicking on a ad a week back and now their ad follow me everywhere. Incredibly annoying. Perhaps this is consistent for users across the board and, like you said, turning it off decreases the annoyance.

I deactivated interest based ads also after buying a toy for my niece on amazon and after that I was bombarded with toy ads on all websites including my medical forums.

When people are visiting my sites they should see content relevant ads and not ads for things they might have searched for once.

However if someone has a website in a low paying niche deactivating interest based ads might be the totally wrong move.

+1… My niche pays between .45 cents per click to 1.20 cents per click. Interest based ads are still on my sites. I fear changing them could raise red flags though. My CTR is already 23%.

Read this:

Demystifying interest based advertising and its effect on your revenue

I use AdSense for years but still did not try this trick. I guess it is worth of trying. Thank you for sharing this trick.

I will update this thread after 7-days with this option enabled and share the results with you.

am targeting entertainment niche for adsense, inter based is good for me or do not show internet based ?