Unknown text decoration

Hi All,

please tell me guys how can I apply css style to my headline to look exactly like the “Welcome to Rype Arts” headline at Rype Arts - Brand Design & Illustration for the Progressive Small Business ?

Thank you advanced!

Thank you guys! have a nice weekend!

Well in their stylesheet they have the following to style it:

#home #Banner h2, #home #Banner-404 h2 { 
	text-shadow:0px 1px #d4f77d; 

Easily found just by searching for h2 in the CSS.

If you open any browser’s developer toolbar or something like Opera’s dragonfly or Firefox’s Firebug, you can click on the header or hover over it and see exactly what CSS they are using.
Or at least, you could see the names they use and then go dig up their stylesheet, then you can even copy-pasta it onto a page of your own and play with the CSS to get a feel for what they did. I did that a lot when I was learning how someone did technique X.

Also, they seem to be using a special font, so if you need that weirdo font you’ll want to look up using @font-face to see how you’d get visitors to see that font.