Changing header text


Is there away I can control the size of text in each header individually?


As discussed in your other recent thread, you can simply add a unique class for each page and adjust the styles on each page as you wish.

I tend to add the class to the body tag if I know I'm going to want to style elements differently on different pages, but you can use whatever method works better for you.


Thank you very much.


What do you think of this header layout?


The layout is fine, but the text reads oddly to me:


Part of Charisma Communications

"Part of" usually suggests a relationship with a different company or group of companies.


Maybe I'll take out the "part of" and only add it to my photography pages.


Made changes. Tell me what you think TechnoBear.


As Charisma Communications is the name of the business/site, I think I would have that at the top in the fancy font, with "Home" underneath it. That would also be more consistent with the layout on your other pages.

If you are going to right-align the text, then both lines should end level with each other. The mis-matched alignment looks a little odd to me.

(If you want more feedback on the design itself, or aspects of the design, then you can request a review. The guidelines are in the FAQs, somewhere near the end.)


Everything is right aligned on the other pages. :slight_smile:

@conquer2 has added a new class, .big

<p class="big"> Charisma Communications</p>

But it has no styles in the CSS, it is picking up the default P tag styles.


So your saying reverse the lines.


Indeed. I was only commenting on the page which had been changed, as I understood that to be what @conquer2 was asking about.

I'm saying that's what I would do. This is your site, and it's up to you to decide what you think looks best. There isn't always a right and a wrong way; just different tastes and opinions.


I just did the first page. Hows that.


I think that looks better.

I was suggesting using the "Kaushan Script" font for "Charisma Communications", rather than for "Home", to make it more consistent with your other pages, but again, that's up to you.


I just did the other pages now.


I have a couple more adjustments. But will be back in a while to fix them.


I would like to put a little space after the word photographer , but have my other tabs to have the same height.


If you just want an extra space there, you can add a non-breaking space:

1 Finger Trigger Photographer.&nbsp; Division of Charisma Communications All rights reserved

If you want something more than that, perhaps you could explain what you have in mind.


In my banner at the top. The word photographer touched the line.


Do you mean on the photography and gallery pages? I don't see that word at the top of the page you linked to.


Where it says 1 finger trigger photographer in the banner? The word photographer touches the top line of my navigation.