University eVarsity App Help

Hello everyone,

I am new to this Android App Development. I am learning Android App Development from thenewboston channel on YouTube.

So, I want to create an app for my University. They have an online portal where a student logs in to check his attendance, time table, cycle test marks, etc. But the site doesn’t have a mobile site. So, instead of creating the same, I directly want to create an app. But I don’t want the app to just login and have the interface like in comp. I want it to be different. Just like a mobile site sort of.

  1. This is how the login page is when we visit the link.
    I want my app to have just the login ID and password field. Not the other bunch of crap given or the header or footer.

  2. This is how it is after we login.
    But in my app, I want it to give options whether to see the profile or cycle test marks or attendance or any other thing so that the user
    chooses what he wants to see and view it accordingly.

  3. This is how the attendance screen looks. I don’t want any sidebar or info bar like it shows in the screen shot.
    I want my app to have a fit-to-screen attendance view and to keep updating as the university keeps updating. Also below you can see
    cumulative attendance bar, I want that to be there because that shows which day, month, one has missed his class. Same thing for cycle
    test marks, credits/grades obtained in previous semester, feedback, etc.

Now, these are the following queries I have and I need help with the same since I am new to this.

  1. Can I create the app like I mentioned without creating a mobile site?
  2. Do I have to get University’s permission for the database access for id and password credentials and then change the in app interface?

Any other suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you