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I’m new to the forum, have a basic knowledge of databases, but need some help with the best way to structure a results database for the college I work in.

Up to now our results have been recorded on paper. For our external examiners we have to record the grades twice, on two different types of report. I want to create a database to allow staff to fill in the grades once but with the ability to output both reports.

Report 1 is the Mastersheet. Each student has a “Mastersheet” which contains all of their grades for all assignments in all Classes.

Report 2 is the Class Results sheet, which records the grades of all students within a particular Class.

The database is as follows:
The college has many students.
Each student is enrolled in 16 Classes.
Each Class has many assignments.
Each Assignment has 5 possible results: D, M, P, U and R.

When all of the results have been input I need to be able to output the 2 different types of reports mentioned.

The front-end part of the database is not a problem, but I’m not sure how many tables I need and how to relate them.

Apart from the Class Titles, Assignment Titles and Grades etc., the only other fields I need to include are “Student Name” and “Student ID”. Is it possible to create this without having to make a separate table/database for each student?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mick See


yes, you can do it with one table for all students

You’re already thinking about this in the right way with the exception of the reports. Model the database in a way to store the data and keep the reports in the back of our mind. If the db is modeled in a way which best represents the entities and relationships the reporting aspect will be just a matter of the formulating the right queries.

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Thanks for the replies. I’ll give them a go and let you know how I get on.

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