Is Article Spiner a good tool?

How valuable is Article Spiner ? Worth a try or not?
What is the minimum originality index for an article that Google does not consider that is duplicated? 30% is OK?

You can use the article spinner just for spinning some words , its not like that once you spinned the article and then you can use it . Because in most the article spinning sites once you spin the article almost 80% of every article the meaning gets changed. So in my opinion article spinner is only better for spinning some words.

And then what are the benefits?
Because the option offered to you, I do not see any advantage. Intend to save a bit of the work time.


In my opinion, if you want to make a good website, I would stay away from tools like this. Royhall mentions a key point that when words and entire articles are manipulated by these tools, they disregard context and create something that no longer makes sense. Its not really that Google will crawl the text and say “oh this isn’t different enough than something else in the index”. They crawl spun content and say “oh this has been spun beyond the point where its even readable by a human”.

This post contains some examples of spun articles,

You will see how bad they can get.



It is not worth investing in a article spinner. If you want to save your own time in producing the content or articles, consider hiring writers that are able to write original, authentic and useful content.

And by the way, there is no minimum originality index. Spun articles usually take out the authenticity or the tone behind the article and some parts of it may not connect with the rest. Instead of judging the quality and “rankability” of your article by hard metrics such as minimum originality index or keyword density, why not spend time in crafting a useful or interesting article that people will actually benefit from by reading it?

Don’t use this type of content spinning tool for article if you want to create unique and quality content for the website/webpage because most of the time there are lots of chances for duplicate content, for which especially Google search engine will penalize the website/webpage. Hence it is good to write content by self to avoid duplication as well as create unique content that Google always likes.

i would not recommend article spinners as they change the sense of the article. some times the article does not portray what you wanted to say and it turns in to gibberish.

Article spinner is a good tool but we should use it only to find the synonyms because some when we spin any post or content it make it duplicate or wrong sentences. So we should use it Only for short line changing.

I don’t like Article Spinner that much. Sure you can make a hundred spun articles out of it. But you need to make sure that the grammar of each article is correct and makes sense. You need to make sure that each article is unique. Hence, article spinning is hard work.

I find writing unique articles by hand is superior.

It is no secret that in order to get high ranking on Google and more importantly to “engage” your visitors to your site and possibly have them “bookmark” your blog or site, you absolutely MUST continue to add “Fresh” content that is informative and engaging.Article Spinning is a “gray hat” because a reader that read 3 different versions of the same article would not get any more information that a reader that read one version. It is not black hat because the resulting articles are pretty decent, and it is not white hat because each generated article is not uniquely valuable.

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