Types of internet marketing?

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if we Talk about Internet Marketing,its a broad term comes under marketing alone.What can be the types of it or what will be most beneficial or fruitful for online promotions as it becomes very common now a days?

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Internet Marketing tactics range from buying banner ads to social media conversation with email, search, lead gen, text, qr codes, and much much more in between.

Nothing is best for everyone, each tactic comes with it’s own benefits and relevancy to particular groups. You can however browse through a long thread on people’s individual experiences @ http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/internet-marketing-2/community-hints-tips-promotion-marketing-22374.html

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Fine with Banner Ads,E-Mail,Online Auctions as a apart of Internet Marketing…
but the needle of clock is got stuck with SEO,right ?
is it necessary to pay huge money to the SEO company just to rank my site on web…? can’t i do stuff like putting of good or unique contents or building of backlinks to make my presence on search engines ?
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Hi, I don’t think you necessarily need to spend mega-bucks on SEO as long as you have the “hygene” part taken care of. Hygene consists of dozens of little things you can do to make your site and content more search-bot friendly, while still making the pages engaging for human visitors.

Hygene is:

  • Having the right domain and linking structure

  • Ensuring that your pages are properly coded with the most Google-friendly of tags

  • Making sure that your most important keywords and phrases all have strong content on you site/blog

So–if you feel like you have the basics taken care of–instead of investing in an SEO firm, you might consider investing in high quality content creation activities: creating how-to videos, developing a technical specification (whatever makes sense for your business). Then reuse that content across all of your marketing efforts.

Overall, you should look at investments in SEO as just one component of your overall demand generation strategy. Let me know if you’d like to some pointers to demand generation toolkits.

Experimenting on your own is a great thought, but if you are doing this for earning bread… Its better to start under the guidance of an expert.
Gradually, when you adapt the trends of Internet Marketing you can do it on your own.

i will say best internet marketing is to display ur product and service in Social media

Why do you say that?

publish rich articles about your industry on current hot topics do catches the eyes.

The best way to market your site are still the basics. Blog Commenting, Article Directory, Bookmarking, Social Networking, Directory Submission, etc.

Internet marketing includes many types. As i know, there are email marketing, blog marketing, social media Marketing and SEO,etc…

According to my working experience, email marketing is benefical.

Internet marketing can be done in many ways but social media marketing is the best option as per my opinion becasue almost all people prefer to use social sites for their communication purpose…

There are many ways, internetmarketing can be done.

I would priorize internet marketing methods. Imho is the most imporant Search Engine Optimization, followed by Search Engine Marketing (faster results) and Social Media Optimization.

Further methods do exist, like newsletter marketing, tell a friend marketing and so on.

Build a solid base and then go on with fancier marketing stuff!

I don’t think you need to pay huge amount of money to SEO company to get your site a better rank. Like you said, you can create good, unique contents. Consider putting them up somewhere to share with others, linking to your site.

Internet marketing is a diversified topic. Starting from a small banner that helps you sell your products till a website that provides you a complete online presence, everthing is internet marketing. A major chunk of it is now called as social media. All these tools and techniques are aimed at uplifting your business and making trading easier for you. What you need to do is to choose the right technique that can benefit you the most.

Every business has its own demands;therefore, it is important to market wisely over internet. With varying business demands, the need for using a particular internet tool also changes.

In refernce to SEO, it is extremly necessary for getting your website rank high in search engines. One needs not to spend a lot of money if he is capble of doing it himself. Having a search engine friendly content on your website is its starting step. All it requires is profound research and sound skills.


I am an internet marketer and I use a marketing formula that is much different from what most people use and it has made me very successful online! Market Research then traffic then conversions then product. It is a strategy I got from Ed Dale 6 years ago and it took me about 5 years to get it down. He says that 95% of marketers fail in the market research. Which is sooo true. If you pick the wrong keywords or a big ass market, you get left by the wayside in the search engines or your just screwed! You say why worry about conversions first? then product? well you got to do trial and error and constantly tweak before you mass produce a product. Just imagine: If you are selling nasty lemonade and you make 1,000 pitchers to sell at the baseball game now EVERYBODY knows you have bad lemonade. But if you make a few pitchers and sell them to the kids in the neighborhood first then they will let you know if it’s good or bad, too sour, too sweet. Then you tweak the recipe and then go the baseball game and cash in!

I have backlinks from many forums, article directories,blog comments. Also I think having a blog on your pages really helps, I have a site thats 2 months old and its ranking really well now.