Two themes one site


I have my current site which I need to keep running…

I have just paid for a new theme which I plan to re design the site…

Only problem is I don’t know how to get two themes working on one site, can it be done?

How would you suggest I build up my new theme without having to take my old website down?

Am on wordpress of course… thanks

You can’t run two themes on one copy of WordPress. Install a second copy of WordPress somewhere, with a separate database, and put the new theme there. You can just create a directory to put it in, doesn’t have to be another domain. When you’re happy with it, install that theme on the real site.

If you want the test site to have the same data as the real site while you work, then make a copy of the database (either do a SQL dump or use WordPress’s export/import feature).

Right ok…

Thanks… I think I know what you mean :slight_smile:

I will give it ago :slight_smile:

I used MAMP to install it locally… :slight_smile:

Doing my testing there :slight_smile:

Can i see ur site?

Well only one is online.

Doing the other locally