Multiple wordpress sites on local host


I’m building a wordpress site on my local database and I need to build a seperate site also.

I’ve seen a few different methods and so far I created a new database in myphpadmin, downloaded wordpress again to another folder and renamed it from wordpress to wpowd, went into it’s php.config and pointed it towards the new database I created but when I put in localhost/wpowd it doesn’t work.

I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what.

Why not create a separate theme and work on that with the same WP installation (switching back and forth between themes)?

do you mean install a sperate theme from the dashboard and keep activating the one I want to work on?

If so that doesn’t work as the pages and post from the other theme show up in whatever theme I want to activate

ie I am working on my theme and want to work on project 2 so I activate the theme for project 2. My posts and pages show up in project 2 which means I will have to delete all my pages to work on project 2 and loose all my pages

What local server are you running?

i’m on xampp

Sounds like you need Wordpress MU (multi-site), it allows you to create multiple blogs with one domain. Installation instructions here for XAMPP (skip to step 2 since you already have the program installed): How To Install WordPress MU (With XAMPP).

worked a treat, thanks